Internship in our law firmcompletes your educaction.
The defect of education in law.
Improve your Performances.
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Our Internship Program.

Complete your educationin law by learning the essential

The defect of university education in law is that you never learned to analyze the facts.However, before legal reasoning, we must analyze the facts in detail, whether it is drafting a contract, preparation of a defense for an attack in a dispute.


Study complementary sciences

The Law cannot be sufficient by itself.

Centuries ago, medicine has understood that to progress it needed complementary sciences. Chemistry, physics, biology and psychiatry are some examples. The law certainly accepts experts, but forensic police constitutes the first shy step in this direction. It is far from enough.

The Law is subsidiary to the understanding, communication, negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

We propose you to study complementary sciences to be at the forefront of modernity in terms of exercise of legal knowledge and the legal practice.